6 reasons you need to be at the Creative Direction & Styling Masterclass

Are you looking at kickstarting a career in Fashion Styling or Creative Direction? Do  you want to learn how to build a client’s wardrobe? Perhaps you have issues setting charges to your services
If all these and more are the challenges you face as a budding Stylist then the Creative Direction + Styling Masterclass is where you want to be next Saturday.

Its no doubt that the Styling has become  a crowded sector within the Fashion industry, but do you really know what it takes to be  a Stylist? Alot claim, but not everyone understands the craft and tactics to the business. To stand out, you need knowledge and experience built over time . You need to be equipped with the right techniques on how to secure clients, meet their needs, retain  them and reach your business goals




Mastering Creative Direction + Fashion Styling II



Still not sure? How about this? Here are 6 solid reasons you want to be at the Creative Direction + Styling Masterclass:

  • You get to learn about the different aspects and areas in styling, from Movies, to editorials, to runway and personal clients as well. 
  • The class, will help you define your niche, who you are,and who you should  target for your services.
  • Pricing for services can be mind racking. The Masterclass will break down how to set a value to your time and effort.
  • Maybe you’re just starting out and you need some direction, you’ll learn all the basics of setting up and launching yourself as a professional stylist.
  • If you work in retail this is the perfect opportunity to develop your understand how to better approach your clients with suggestions that fit their taste. 
  • Lets not forget, this will be an amazing opportunity to network for future opportunities aka Bond and Become. 


Here’s a bonus reason: 

To cap everything off you’ll get to work on a small editorial supervised by none other than our seasoned instructors. After which you will receive an image to add to your portfolio. 

If you haven’t registered we don’t know what you’re waiting for. Lock down your space here before you miss this amazing opportunity!


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