A Masterclass in 3-D Printing & Prototyping

The Second Edition of The Creative Class kicked off on the 24th of September, 2019 at the GE (General Electric) in Victoria Island Lagos. The Garage serves as a manufacturing-based innovation hub geared towards equipping the next generation of Nigerian entrepreneurs with innovative tools in technology, strategy development, idea generation and collaboration. In attendance were a variety budding fashion entrepreneurs and creatives from the Assembly’s community.

We had the great privilege to learn about the application of technology in fashion. The primary topic covered was on 3D printing and its application in Fashion production. Our Facilitator Demilade Adesiyan took us through the theoretical and practical aspects of 3D printing and listed its many benefits and applications in the fashion industry.

3D printing allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to create multiple prototypes before creating the final product, basically perfecting the idea before pushing it to market. As  creatives 3D printing helps create products that can be unique to each customer’s wants. 3D printing makes prototyping easier and faster. 3D printing is relatable and gives structure to a two-dimensional object given it a length, breath and height making it three dimensional.

We saw several examples of 3D printed products and we were given examples from popular media such as Black Panther, Oceans Eight and so on and our everyday lives like Nike, Adidas and so on. 

We are assured that the participants gained abundant knowledge from the facilitators. It indeed was a class worth attending especially for those interested in the expansion of their creative business. The creative class continues till the 11th of October,2019. 

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