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This September we’re very excited to welcome Nigerian artisans to our creative and business bootcamp; The Bridge. The 4-month virtual and in-person bootcamp is designed to unleash the potential of artisans from marginalised communities with a current practice or skill in the creative industries and entrepreneurship.

The artisan craft industry is the second largest employer in developing economies with international trade in artisan crafts valued at over $32 billion per year, and 65% of handicraft exports coming from developing countries. Despite this, its workers are also some of the most disenfranchised. Current development challenges include: the lack of formal employment opportunities; a skills gap with respect to business, low literacy rate and poor skill set, entrepreneurship, and technology training.

With funding from Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation, we will support 200 artisanal talents living in underserved parts of Lagos and Kano to develop their skills and access markets along the fashion value chain. 

Artisans engaged in a range of creative professions such as pattern drafting, printmaking (Adire & Batik), leatherworks, and tailoring will receive training in business skills and in the development of their craft. With a credible faculty of business and creative professionals facilitating vocational, business and technology training, artisans will be given the opportunity to upgrade their professional skills for the workplace or to upscale their business practice.

Asides from the technical craft training, the program will cover areas including:

  • Business Skills such as bookkeeping, marketing, client management, quality control and more.
  • Soft Skills such as interpersonal communication, critical thinking, leadership training, presentation skills and more.
  • Work Placement training for artisans to gain practical work experience and knowledge of the modern workplace.
  • Mentoring to help artisan business owners solve a key business challenge.

In addition to receiving hands-on support from our expert trainers who are successful entrepreneurs and highly skilled in their creative craft, artisans will gain access to networks and income-generating opportunities in the creative sector that will empower them to access creative careers and start or grow their own enterprise. 


If you are an Artisan interested in improving your craft to remain relevant but do not know where to start, or you have limited access to skills and capacity development that will help you grow your business or serve your customers a lot better and achieve financial independence, then The Bridge is for you!

You will gain:

  • Access to skills development that will prepare you and your business to meet the modern demands of your customer or employer.
  • Work experience employment opportunities.
  • Business growth, access to income and more customers.
  • Access to expert trainers and mentors.
  • Access to a network of peers who like yourself are set on capacity growth.

To join The Bridge program, you’ll have to meet the criteria below to apply:

  • You must live in either Lagos, Kano and Aba.
  • You are between the ages of 18-35 years.
  • You must be an Artisan engaged in the craft of:
    1. Pattern Drafting
    2. Printmaking (Adire, Batik, e.t.c)
    3. Leatherworks / Leather Making
    4. Tailoring
  • You have at least 6 months – 1year of work experience in any of the crafts listed above
  • You must be available for the entire program duration (4 months). 
  • You must be an independent worker, employee or micro business owner (employing less than 2 workers).

If you meet the criteria above and you are eligible to apply to The BRIDGE program, please click here to apply.

Application closes 21st September 2021.


September – December 2021

If you have any questions, you will find answers in the Program FAQs here or you can email us at for further help.

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