The Assembly is a platform that constantly looks to provide opportunities for our community of creatives. As such we’ve developed The Assembly’s Ambassador program to provide a channel for our existing community members to serve as advocates for our resources.

Quick one

  1. Are you a super supporter? 
  2. Have you been following us for more than a year?
  3. Do you mention us in your group chats sometimes?
  4. Do you spread Assembly’s gist IRL?
  5. Do you share our content?
  6. Have you attended more than one Assembly Events or classes?
  7. Do you know almost everyone on the A Team?
  8. If you’ve answered yes to at least 80% of the questions then you should be an Ambassador!

Ambassadors get to represent The Assembly, by doing what you naturally do best, communicating and sharing resources The Assembly has to offer. Not only is this a way of contributing to the development of the fashion industry but you get rewarded with little to no stress in the process. 

The Assembly Ambassador Programme

What do Ambassadors do?

  • Introduce new attendees to REGISTER and attend our Events and programmes. 
  • Link talented friends and people in your circle with our Membership opportunities. 
  • Represent us with your super cool personality.

What’s in for you? 

  • You’ll receive a commission for referring prospective community members to our events and membership. 
  • As an Ambassador, you get to attend select events for free. 
  • What about your friends and close pals?  Sure they can tag along and stand a chance to pay half price for events you’re present in. 

How can I become an Ambassador?

Click HERE, fill the form and we’ll respond to you shortly.

For more info about how to join our AmbassadorSHIP, You can reach out to

Instagram: @assemblyofficial

Facebook: The Assembly Hub 

Twitter: The Assembly Hub