We seek a genuine sense of togetherness and connectedness, where people easily trust one another. We want to provide spaces and opportunities for people to be vulnerable with their plans and ideas. We want everyone to feel a strong sense of support and a desire to share freely.


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The Assembly Incubator programme aims to empower African fashion and design businesses with essential business development knowledge and tools to support their creative abilities.

The incubator will provide a creative professional environment to foster promising fashion talent and help selected members grow and sustain their business.



Would you like the opportunity to have a mentor support you in building your brand?

We try to match mentors for emerging talent, students and entrepreneurs with physical and virtual one-to-one mentoring, covering topics such as marketing, personal branding and development, legal and finance.

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You might be a fashion student, graduate or individual looking for a career move in fashion or an environment where you can flex your creative muscles.

Get your CV’s, Cover Letters and professional online profiles checked by our team of fashion professionals and experts at the Careers Clinic. We’ll also give you a head’s up when we know of a new fashion opening and opportunity.



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