This year’s Heineken Lagos Fashion Week was unlike any other. New location, new vibe, new fashion trends and new faces. Together with Newton & David Events, we brought back the #CreatorsLounge in a different way 

Unlike last year’s rustic and afrocentric decor, this year’s was unapologetically minimalist. Our visitors fell in love with the monochrome striped seats, white wooden workspace table, metallic golden and silver accents, and even black sofas. Bold golden industrial lighting fixtures gave the space a warm, intimate and relaxed feel.

But the purpose of the #CreatorsLounge stayed the same. It was a space for media creatives and content creators at Heineken Lagos Fashion Week to relax, snack and upload work on the fly.  All work and no play makes, well you know how the saying goes. Everyday creatives bonded over discussions about work and fashion. Sometimes the lounge was as quiet as a mouse. Other times, it was as lively as an afterparty! 


Loads of bloggers,celebrities, photographers passed through our tent. The gold accents provided an amazing backdrop for these influencers to interact with their fans online and in person. Many of them came back after having such an amazing time last year. This time they even brought friends! 



Shout out to our day one, the Schick Magazine team for their support. Just like the year before, they gave our creative loungers a peak into their latest fashion issue. To all of you who stopped by, shared and broadcasted your #CreatorsLounge experience, we absolutely love you. Creativity makes the world go round and we’re just happy to fuel it!

Simi Esiri (L) & Woven Blends at the Creators Lounge

Schick Magazine’s corner

Until next year,

Words by Aanu Ayoleke