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by | February 25, 2022

March 14, 2022 5:30 pm

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It’s the first series of the year and we are thrilled to bring you another very exciting edition of How I got started to celebrate the international women’s day with a power pair of creatives who are breaking barriers in the digital world of fashion creating amazing 3D designs including virtual avatars and garments. In this edition our co-hosts will be sharing all you need to know on Digital fashion and NFTs.

Jessica James and Fiona Mitchell will host this edition and they’ll be in ‘Fashversation’ about their creative journeys, major milestones, pain points and opportunities as 3D Designers and NFT artists.

The Event

The purpose of the event is to inspire and empower African startups in the creative industry with insights into the process of exceptional brand owners in starting up and running successful brands. 

Meet the Co-Hosts


Jessica is a Nigerian-born multi-disciplinary artist working predominantly in fashion and product design with an artistic style centred around photorealism, futuristic and Afrocentrism. Jessica started her career as a fashion intern within a Lagos, Nigeria based bridal house.  She soon went to work in a full-time position as a fashion illustrator and designer for various Lagos based brands. Jessica then launched her freelance fashion business in 2019 and has worked with a number of prominent clients not just in Africa but from around the world. 

Jessica James various creative services include but are not limited to; 3D virtual garments, runway show creation, fashion collection design, product illustration, fashion accessory illustrations and more.


Mumford & Munro, or Mi-Mu for short, is a 3D design studio. Fiona focuses on digital fashion design with a glossy, detailed, futuristic aesthetic. The name Mi-Mu comes from her Welsh and Scottish heritage, celebrating generations of tailors seamstresses. She began her 3D journey whilst studying at the Amsterdam Institute of Fashion in 2017 where she later received a first class honours degree in Fashion, and later pursued a MSc in Digital Media Design. Over the last four years, Fiona have gained experience within accessory design at Dutch label OSIER, made-to-order denim design at renowned label: Levi’s, and now as a 3D apparel designer for adidas.  

What she enjoy most about the 3D world is being able to explore the limitless boundaries of creativity. Anything that I can dream up – I can translate into 3D. Not to mention, the innovation and science behind 3D technology today means you can start with a basic pattern block, and end up with a one-of-a-kind beautiful piece of art. Fiona truly feel digital fashion is the future, a way to express individuality, creativity and emotion.


Who is this event for?


  • Emerging designers looking to translate their unique perspective into creatively designed virtual garments. 
  • Aspiring and existing digital artists interested in NFT
  • Existing designers interested in digital fashion and NFT.


What to Expect
Gist and ideas that can transform your business and how you design.


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Platform: ZOOM 

Date: Friday 14th March, 2022

Time: 5:30pm WAT | 4:30pm GMT | 6:30pm CAT 


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