How I Got Started – Meet the Manufacturers

by | June 1, 2023

June 7, 2023 5:00 pm

We are thrilled to bring you another exciting edition of “How I Got Started”.

This latest installment will feature two esteemed manufacturers who will share their remarkable journeys, from humble beginnings to the thriving garment manufacturing enterprises they have built today. Be prepared to delve into their captivating stories as they recount the challenges they encountered along the way and provide invaluable insights into the intricate garment manufacturing process.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and connect with fellow enthusiasts at “Meet the Manufacturers.

The Event

The purpose of the event is to inspire and empower African creatives and entrepreneurs with insights into the process and procedures of running a garment manufacturing factory.

Meet our Co-Hosts

JENNET LEMMA, Founder and CEO, Gaber Wear

Jennet is the Founder and CEO of Gaber Wear, a garment manufacturing company located in the heart of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.She graduated high school from Lycee G/Mariam in Addis and moved to the United States (Georgia) to pursue her higher education. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Georgia State University and worked as a certified public accountant in Fortune 500 companies. 

After twelve long years, Jennet finally decided to cross the ocean and come back home in an effort to venture beyond her degree and to what excited her the most- entrepreneurship.Today, Gaber employs on average 100 people and from the operators that sew the products to those in managerial positions, 85% of them are women. 

Jennet’s future plans revolve around enabling Gaber Wear to live up to its vision and become one of the leading apparel brands in Africa and beyond, all while continuing to provide what it has already perfected- dignified employment.

OMOLADE OSHINUBI, Creative Director, Lekki Garment Factory

As a fashion entrepreneur, Omolade has had an intimate experience with the Fashion Industry. From working with a Mens Apparel Fashion brand to opening two fashion retail stores in Lagos and an online fashion retail store in Texas.

Already seasoned in advertising and brand strategy coupled with the experience gained in merchandising at men’s and womenswear companies, she had a desire to learn more about fashion design and management. She returned to school to receive a Masters in Fashion Business at the International Fashion Academy (IFA) in Paris. Here, she not only immersed herself in the industry but started to develop her design aesthetic in the world’s fashion capital.

 Now, equipped with retail, advertising, fashion design and production and a deep respect for Nigerian Fashion Designers as highly creative, she relocated to Lagos with her family after 6 years to start Lekki Garment Factory, helping designers to realize their dreams of seamless production, starting from product concept (ideas, sketches) to production-ready (prototype and sample production) and then final production with no stress so designers or fashion houses can focus on their core, which is designing.

Omolade acknowledges the need for form and structure in the garment production process as well as timely delivery of orders without jeopardizing quality. For her, it’s going to be a win-win for the Nigeria Fashion Industry as well as the people of Nigeria.

Omolade Oshinubi is an Irrepressible Optimistic, Inspiring Speaker and Host of RichPeople- RichNation Foundation. She is a firm believer in the power of Harnessing the Riches of Nigerians that’s beyond money – Strength, Skills, Abilities, Expertise, Passion among others.

Who is this event for?

  • Professionals in the fashion industry who are interested in understanding the manufacturing process and collaborating with garment manufacturers.
  • Individuals aspiring to launch their own clothing brands or seeking to expand their existing businesses.
  • Representatives from retail stores and e-commerce platforms looking to establish partnerships with garment manufacturers.
  • Fashion consultants offering guidance on various aspects of the fashion industry, including manufacturing strategies and market trends.


What to Expect

Gist and ideas that can transform you, your business and how you go about your production.

How to Join

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Wednesday, 7th June 2023


5:00pm WAT | 7:00pm EAT | 4:00pm GMT | 6:00pm SAT

*This event will be recorded and by joining the event you consent to be recorded and to transfer all rights to your image and/or likeness and audio recordings to The Assembly and its partners. Recordings will be used by The Assembly and its partners for promotional purposes.

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