X|Women; An Evening with a League of Badass Digital Creators

by | March 8, 2022

March 30, 2022 5:00 pm

This March, we are elated to host another edition of X|Women, this time with a League of Badass Digital Creators! We’ll be celebrating and learning from pioneering women in the Digital Space.

The third edition of our annual women’s event is an intimate virtual gathering where female creatives who are keen on developing their skills to be relevant in the digital space and practicing digital creatives who need additional guidance on what a career or entrepreneurial path in digital means for them presently, will connect with trailblazing Digital Creators.

The Event

Are you a female digital creator or are you aspiring to be one? Are you interested in learning about what it takes to delve into the digital space and into the Metaverse? 

This event is for you! It will give you the opportunity to meet, interact and learn firsthand from our League of Badass Digital Creators who will be taking you behind the scenes on their journey and experiences, highlighting:

  • The skills needed to go digital and where to get them, 
  • How to find your niche and how to turn your passion for digital to profit 
  • What all the buzz about the Metaverse is and where you can fit in


About the Panelists

Adebusola Ekoko

Adebusola Ekoko is a surface pattern designer creating and exploring unconventional motifs as a means towards bridging the gap between fashion brands and their audiences. Using non-contemporary contexts, she helps brands find full expression in their collection through prints, colors, and fabrics.

She founded GRAPES PATTERN BANK  in 2017 and has since gone on to create incomparable works with some notable brands including; Kai Collective, Orange Culture, Kemi Telford, Sisiano, Loud Brand Studio, Salt and Sunscreen amongst several others.  Adebusola’s works have been featured in award-winning publications such as; Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Stears Business, Dazed e.t.c.

Baboa Tachie-Menson

Baboa Tachie-Menson is the Founder and CEO of Balmlabs, a 3D digital fashion agency. She has a passion for developing creative solutions at the intersection of fashion and technology.  Her aim is to see the majority of fashion designers around her utilize modern techniques in the design and creation process in order to reduce the amount of materials being wasted whilst expanding on their creativity. 

During her time at Levi Strauss & Co, Baboa Tachie-Menson added value to the company’s design process by using cutting-edge simulation technologies such as Clo3d to create virtual, true-to-life garment visualization.  Baboa has been featured in Vogue Business and has been recognized as a Clo3D Power User. She is currently based in Accra, Ghana.

Fagbamila Oluwatoyin

Fagbamila Oluwatoyin is the creative Director of Majestics Digital. She is a self-taught multifaceted digital artist /Fashion Designer whose work is being celebrated as much for its subject matter as its Afro-futuristic aesthetics.

Oluwatoyin is a Digital fashion tutor who has successfully onboarded hundreds of designers into the digital fashion world.  Asides from being a fashion enthusiast, she is also a Computer scientist who majored in network engineering before she decided to go fully into Fashion designing and illustrations and became a full-time illustrator and fashion Illustration tutor to Fashion schools and fashion houses in Lagos and outside Lagos. She further launched her freelance illustration brand, Majestics Digital (formerly Majestic Apparel) in 2019. She was top 3 at Design Fashion Africa 2019 and top 10 at Heineken Design contest 2020. Oluwatoyin has worked with prestigious clients in Nigeria and as well Globally.

Lethabo Huma

Lethabo Huma is a digital artist born in Pretoria, South Africa, who’s currently blazing a trail in the NFT space for herself locally and internationally, The main theme of her art is centered around her emotional responses, thoughts, and experiences as a young African woman. While she explores various media in pursuit of more precise methods of communication, Huma is best known for her born-digital work.

Her exquisite art has accrued her recognition in various publications such as Washingtonpost, Observer, Coindesk amongst others. She recently designed and sold art at the world’s largest auction houses only weeks apart and sold dual art pieces with Micah Johnson for Time Magazine’s first NFT drop and released the final exhibition piece via institute – UnitLondon. 

Who should Attend?

  • Female creatives looking to understand how to be relevant in the digital world.
  • Female digital creators who want to chat and network with pioneers in the sub-sector.
  • Creatives and enthusiasts interested in learning about the Metaverse and what that means for their endeavors or brands


What to Expect

  • Gist and insider insights that will get you on the next evolutionary train and transform your career
  • A good laugh because it’s always fun when girls get together!


Here’s How to Register

Visit the payment page here or drop a line on events@theassemblyhub.com for a bank transfer. Spaces are limited in order to make sure all attendees get the most value out of the event.

Date: 30th March 2022

Time: 5pm – 7pm WAT

Venue: Live on Zoom

Early Bird Registration Fee till the 27th of March 2022*: N5,000

Late Registration Fee from the 28th of March 2022*: N7,500

This event will be recorded.

*Registration Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.



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