Going Green at Lagos Fashion Week 2019

As The Assembly Hub strives to create resources for our community of creatives, we encourage them to seek out opportunities for themselves. You can attend all the masterclasses and workshops on offer, however one’s success boils down to their ability to build a bridge with what they have. This year’s Lagos Fashion Week Green Access showcase featured exceptional members of our community that built that bridge in sublime fashion.

From collaborating with Vlicso and representing Nigeria in Denmark through the Creative Business Cup respectively, Omafume Niemogha and Chioma Ogbudimkpa are proudly flying the Assembly flag high. Both finalists of the 2018 Creative Class Programme we weren’t surprised by the great heights they had achieved over the span of a year.

Before rounding up 2019, however they had one more surprise, qualifying for the Fayrouz Presents: Green Access showcase. The showcase aims to discover raw fashion talent and inspire them to consciously explore sustainable ways of achieving their creative goals. After applicants were shortlisted by an in-house panel , the top 5 were announced and supported as they created a collection which focuses on sustainability in fashion.

This article will delve into how these amazing Assembly alumni translated this opportunity into amazing pieces which were shown on the final day of this year’s Lagos Fashion Week.

A creative powerhouse, Omafume’s Niemogha Pepper Row brand is known for juxtaposing exciting prints and fabrics without giving viewers to much to process all at once. For this presentation Pepper Row produced zero scrap waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. The only scrap fabric generated during production was repurposed and reinforced as seen on the abstract wiggle skirt on the day. Deadstock fabric and recycled plastic bottles with the fibers woven into fabric yarns were also used in producing the collection. A fact to note, the Asooke fabric used for the collection was hand woven by artisans in Kwara State, using organic cotton and silks were used in this collection.

A piece from Omafume’s Afrofuturism collection 

Chioma’s Redbutton, a champion when it comes to incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices to create unique pieces. For her showing, aptly named Ocean’s Dream she told a story of what our water bodies should look like. She was looking to highlight the harm we cause to the environment with plastic and other waste materials and the transformation to what it should be – clean, fresh and preserved for a more sustainable living.

Pieces from Chioma’s Ocean’s Dream collection as worn by Denola Grey and Alexandra Amuche

In addition to our Creative Class Alumni long time community member, Bola Yahaya’s womenswear line, Yahaya Nigeria. Blow are some of his pieces,

The Assembly family always seeks to support our valued community. We Understand that the key to a successful creative career is more than attending classes, workshops, training programs or evening having access to the right resources. Sometimes the one thing you need to propel yourself to greater heights is knowing there’s someone there to support you when you need that boost and praise you when you’ve made that leap. Many congratulations to Chioma, Bola and Mafu!

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Words by Deji Haastrup

Images by courtesy BellaNaija