Here’s Why You Should Attend February’s Intro to Technical Flats Workshop

Learning the basics of Technical Flats could be helpful for designers looking to create garment specifications, tech packs, or communicating the right idea to the Production Officer. Technical flat drawing assists in creating a blueprint the Creative and Production team can both understand and work with. This is one aspect designers must consider in order to translate their fashion ideas into a workable format, basically taking garment ideas from concept to the physical product.

Along with The Assembly’s goal to ensure Fashion entrepreneurs maximise their potential, we’ve put together a one day workshop helmed by Omonigho Aito-Imonah. Omonigho is considered the first documented professional Fashion Illustrator in Nigeria. Having worked with notable designers like Lisa Folawiyo and had her work displayed in established publications like  Genevieve magazine, Omonigho has earned her stripes as a credible brand when it comes to illustration within the Fashion Industry. The workshop ensures that every fashion designer is equipped with the requirements for creating the perfect Blueprint for their garments. 

Here are a few reasons to lock down this opportunity for your fashion brand:

  • When you develop your Technical Flat drawing skills, creative ideas of garments are easily translated, Interpreted, and understood by team members involved in production. 
  • When there is a mutual understanding about a designer’s idea, Production Officers get a clear picture on how to manufacture the garment according to the Designer’s specifications. This arouses consumer interest because manufacturers can easily create distinctive garments customers can’t get enough of. This is why designers must ensure that they are knowledgeable and develop their skills on Technical Drawings.
  • Usually designers mistake the terms “Fashion Illustration”  and “Flat drawing”. Developing your Flat Drawing skills reveals in detail that Fashion Illustration captures the mood of the target audience in proportion of color and interpretation of idea, whereas Technical Sketch translates an idea into something “universal”, Garment Manufacturers and Production Officers can  easily understand.
  • Finally this serves as an opportunity to develop a lucrative skill for those looking to develop their Fashion Illustration skills in a way that can be easily appreciated by  Fashion brands.

Irrespective of whether you are an emerging designer or already established, when going into Garment Production you will have to communicate clearly with Producers and Manufacturers. It’s important that you share your thoughts about certain patterns and design ideas . A good start to this will be the Intro Technical Flat Workshop. 

Here are top learning points you can look forward to:

  • To learn the fundamentals of Technical Flat Drawing.
  • Gain insights on the relevance in the garment construction process.
  • Understand how to draw the technical flats for a basic shift dress.

You can register here:

Here are important details you might want to know:

DATE: 29th of February, 2020.  

TIME: 11:00 am

VENUE: Block 52A, Plot 15b Omorinre Johnson Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.