Breakthrough Blogging Masterclass Recap

Whatever ideas you have, just start. And when you start, be consistent!

This was the key message that all our speakers had to share at this month’s Masterclass on Breakthrough Blogging.

We assembled once again at the Whitespace on Saturday 23rd September, we had an amazing line up of seasoned bloggers, content creators and digital media entrepreneurs present their experiences, lessons, tips and tricks on the business of blogging.

The Assembly Breakthrough Blogging

From authentic Lagos restaurant reviewing to creating unique food experiences, how personal style blogging turned into a money making venture and how one platform is everyone’s window to all things beauty in Lagos. We also had lessons on creating editorial content that speaks to real millennial Nigerians to understanding your value and the role of the influencer.

Each session discussed differing paths to content creation and how to make money from blogging, demonstrating that there really isn’t one roadmap to success, you just have to find your niche and be passionate about it. Here’s what happened in summary;

Nosa and Folly took us through their career and the working dynamic between the two founders who out of a shared love for food and not being to find a platform to find restaurant reviews, led them to create Eat Drink Lagos. The founders also shared some of their experiences and advice from their journey including some negotiation tactics. Their stories of how they navigate sore restaurant owners who don’t quite take a liking to their reviews did also make for good humour.

If you can’t sell it to your sell, you can’t sell to anyone else ~ Folly Agusto

Nosa and Folly The Assembly

Ozinna Anumudu talked us through an exciting fashion career in Nigeria, which set her up nicely to launch her fashion consultancy and the e-commerce arm of her personal style blog. Ozinna also shared how she measures and acts on her social media activity insights with useful examples. What we found particularly interesting was the way in which she explained how she engages and relates with her readers/customers which contributed to her success and following.

Understand your value from the onset, why should people come to you and not the next person? ~ Ozinna Anumudu

Ozinna Anumudu The Assembly

Damilola’s session provided a lot of detail into her life as the E-I-C of Konbini, which provided useful insight into team management, content creation, editorial processes and business development for the company. She revealed the platforms strategy including strict mission to only create content that resonates with their readers. We particularly loved how she broke down her career progression and how she was able to use each work experience for the next job role.

We don’t cover stories that don’t mean anything ~ Damilola Odufuwa

Damilola Odufuwa_The Assembly

The founder of Beauty in Lagos Ezinne Alfa lead a direct session on the Beauty in Lagos platform, sharing the calling she felt to fill a gap in the industry where not much was available to know more about beauty brands, products and services in Lagos. Ezinne also shared her content creation process and how she collaborates with brands.

Big opportunities are in the small opportunities ~ Ezinne Alfa

Ezinne Alfa The Assembly

Noble Igwe talked us through his career journey and professional growth in the industry from being in corporate brand management, PR, hosting popular industry parties to becoming the name on everyones lips when it comes to the subject of social media influencers in Nigeria. Noble was also candid about his brand partnerships and how he chooses to collaborate with brands sharing lessons in negotiation and understanding your value as a creator. He also broke down the role of an influencer and what he thinks is next in influencer marketing.

Nigeria has such a huge population, you don’t have to compete with each other ~ Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe_The AssemblyThe AssemblyThe AssemblyOzinna The AssemblyThe AssemblyCassie Daves

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