Prep & Prosper: How To Craft The Perfect Email Job Application

Today, searching for a job has becoming both easier and harder at the same time. Easier, because technology has made communication almost seamless. Harder, because the competition is much tougher and there is a lot more at stake. Nowadays, most people send their application via email or online job search platforms. We cannot always guarantee that you will get the first job you apply for.? What we can do is show you how to master the art of crafting the perfect email CV. Below are the steps you can take to do so. You can thank us later.?

Master Your Subject Line

One of the biggest mistakes job applicants make is writing an email without a clear subject. Please keep in mind that the hiring manager is a very busy person and only has a few minutes to view each application. So each part of your application must be clear from the onset. In the subject line, write your name and the the job you are applying for. Don’t be scared if you do not know what vacancies are available, research the kind of job you would like and write it there. A great formula to remember for your subject line : Subject = Name + Job Title + Application.?

Put Some Respect On The Hiring Manager’s Name

Most people just start off by saying “Hello, Sir or Ma’am”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, you, my dear, are not most people. You are an exceptional person whose gifts will contribute and better an organization. They just don’t know that yet. Until they found out, you have to impress them with your application. Here’s one way you can do it, research who the hiring person in the company is. Usually you can find that out by searching online, or just asking people who may have an idea. So instead of addressing your letter as “Hello Sir/Ma”, you can start off with “Hello,? (insert name of hiring personnel)”. If for some reason, you cannot find the name of the hiring manager, the classic greeting still remains effective. E.g:?Hello, Mr. Ebuka

Grab Their Attention From the Start

The key to starting the perfect email job application is to make your introduction irresistible. Introduce yourself properly. This should be done at the beginning of the first paragraph. This is not the time to be philosophical, just go straight to the point. It should also be brief. Within the first two or three lines, you should introduce yourself. The next two lines should be used as a sneak peek of what’s to come. Use simple yet professional language. Do not write sentences that are too long. Remember that the hiring manager is a busy person. E.g. : My name is Amina Musa. I am a recent graduate of Ijebu Landline University. I am excited to learn of the [insert job title] opening at [insert name of company]. I am perfect or that position because of my previous work experience as well as my extracurricular activities.??

Get Them Bodied

Now that you’ve mastered the introduction (first paragraph), you need to master the next two or three paragraphs which are referred to as the?body.?During this time, you must sell yourself. A surefire way of doing this is to reference your most recent employment opportunities. If this is your first real job, talk about your extracurricular activities or internships. It is best to use previous or present job experiences that are related to this present position. Don’t fret if you’ve had a lot of unrelated jobs. Just make sure you sell how the soft skills you learned on those jobs can be applicable to the present vacant post. For example, if you worked as a server at a fast food restaurant, you probably had to deal with different temperaments. Do not overlook this skill, no organization is without different temperaments. E.g. 😕During my time as the waitress at Neo Cafe, I learned the importance of time management because I had to deliver?every order in a timely fashion. In addition, my duties required me to deal with people of different temperaments, of different ages and backgrounds. This taught me intercultural communication and emotional intelligence.?

Start Rounding Up

Ending your email is just as important as starting it. Actually, every single part is super important. However, the last paragraph ties the entire email application together. It is the clincher. In this paragraph, your intention is to end on a high note. It is crucial that you sound confident yet friendly. Refrain from sounding desperate. Use language that shows that there is an open door to whatever opportunities you may be fit for. E.g. : Please find attached two writing samples as well as my CV which will provide further details about my employment history. If you need to contact me for any reason, do not hesitate to do so via email. Have an amazing day!

Don’t Forget Your Attachments

The Assembly Mastering Creative Direction As a creative, you need to put in extra effort when it comes to your applications. You have to professionally dazzle them. All your words won’t count for much if you cannot show any proof. That’s where your attachments come into play. It is absolutely necessary to have a portfolio. Start building up your portfolio little by little and you’ll be well on your way. We know these tips will be incredibly help your email application. If you need more help, however, sign up for the?Careers & CV Clinic.? Register for our?newsletter?so you can be the the first to hear of our amazing job opportunities. Incase you missed our last?Prep & Prosper, click here. Catch up with the Prep & Prosper series every Monday. Here’s to easy breezy job applications, Words by Aanu Ayoleke