Digital Marketing for Your Fashion Business | Workshop Recap

When done well, digital marketing for fashion raises your brand profile, gets your product in front of your ideal customer, influences purchase decisions and can get you an army of brand ambassadors. There are numerous cases of fashion brands that prove those that leverage technology have higher success rates then those that don’t. We’ve touched on ways in which tech can be used to bring about innovation in the sector and we’ve also learnt how leveraging tech can make your business more attractive to potential investors. However, it’s really about how you apply tech in your business and we’ll dive into this topic a bit deeper soon.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve had a lot of you in our community ask for digital marketing advice and help. There’s so much out there and we really don’t blame you for being confused or feeling overwhelmed with all the tools and choices.

So to give you a helping hand, we partnered with Microsoft to host a workshop in their lovely offices on digital marketing strategy for startups and entrepreneurs in the fashion sector. This workshop was jam packed with gems thanks to digital marketing consultant Alex Asomba who guided attendees on how better to understand and create digital marketing strategy for their businesses.

The Assembly, Microsoft, Digital MarketingThe Assembly, Microsoft, Digital MarketingThe Assembly, Microsoft, Digital Marketing

So here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Know Your Product – You need to have a firm understanding of not just your product/brand but that of your competition. Understanding your competitions strengths and weaknesses will help you with your digital marketing strategy to know the kind of content to create and market. Did you know Facebook allows you to “watch pages” through your brand’s Facebook page so you can see how and what their posting and how well their content is performing in comparison to yours?
  • Know Your Customer – Get in the habit of studying your analytics, even if it’s just through social media insights to begin with. Understanding your insights help you create a strategy that better targets and serves your customer. For instance; “If you’re business is Lagos based yet your business keeps getting traction/enquiries from Port-harcourt, find a way to get your business there, either through partnering or setting up something small.”
  • SEO – Great keywords, trigger great search engine optimisation. Keywords are not only important to implement into your site’s content, but when generating keywords to run a marketing campaign, get creative and consider words that are not in high demand but are still relevant to your product and service.

  • USP – Have a clear understanding of your USP and use it to form part of your digital marketing strategy. Consistently communicating your USP to your target customers will in turn get them to buy into your brand.

    “Your Unique selling point is that pain point that only you can meet” – Alex Asomba

  • Setting Campaign Objectives – Your campaign objectives must be clear and concise, this includes consistent messaging in the language and visuals used in your ad. Are you trying to build an audience? Are you trying to drive traffic to your website? or Do you want your customers to purchase a product?

The Assembly, Microsoft, Digital Marketing The Assembly, Microsoft, Digital Marketing The Assembly, Microsoft, Digital Marketing

Photo Credit: Leke Alabi-Isima for The Assembly 

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