How to Find and Win over your Tribe | Recap

If you want to attract your ideal customer, dress like your ideal customer.

The 19th of December saw our last event of the year held at the super cool space that is 16/16 Lagos.

Delicious Thai food with yummy Christmas cocktails served as the perfect compliment to a very intimate strategy session with our guest speaker Bayo Adelaja.

Founder and Head Coach at DiNN Bayo’s talk “How to Find and Win over Your Tribe” was an intimate reflection on how to take strategic steps towards building a winning business community in 2018.

Permit me to say that I haven’t heard anyone dissect the best practices and tricks to stay winning on social media like the way Bayo did!

how to find and win tribe

Here are some of the Tips, Ticks and Hacks shared at the session’s talk; 

  • Understand that customers don’t have your best interest at heart, but their own best interest will help you align your business community strategies.
  • It’s very important to profile your ideal customer in order to identify them well enough to be able to know their likes and dislikes. 
  • If you want to attract your ideal customer, dress like your ideal customer. 
  • Find and work with strategic partners, that is those, whose missions directly align with your but are not your competitors.
  • Adopt the “Skimming” strategy The act of being complimentary to competitors who are bigger than you in order to attract and appeal to their target audience.
  • Try the 6 weeks No Hashtag Challenge’ posting things that are essential to your idle customers without using hashtags. This will help you identify your real customers from those who followed during the 6 week period and those who liked the posts without the use of hashtags.
  • The Unfollow Challenge Unfollow everyone, and start to follow your strategic partners and those who were consistent during your no tag challenge.’ 
  • Create a Customer Relations policy that has your strategic brand communication style, attitude and tone of voice to always make your customers feel special. 
  • Bear in mind that it is not that the customer is always right’ but it is that the customer is never wrong.
  • When you cultivate true partnerships and relationships with your community, they well will go out of their way to promote your business for you.

If you were at the talk, feel free to share your thoughts and let us know if you have any further questions below.

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Are you ready to start growing a strong community in 2018?

Kemisola Adetola