How to Level Up! Before 2020

Level Up is one of those blink and you miss it opportunities. Meaning you have to seize the opportunity immediately and efficiently. The Assembly understands that meeting with industry veterans can be tense and overwhelming at times, so we’ve put together some tips on how to maximise your LEVEL UP experience.

Reflect and write out your challenges and goals: 

Ideally, every question you ask your mentor should be applicable to your career or business. To ensure that you’ll want to take some time before the event to figure out where you see yourself in maybe a year’s time and the challenges you currently and are likely to face.  Your questions should help you prepare for this goal.

Research the mentors:

From those in your field to those outside , all our mentors at level up have worked in their specific industries or in various sectors for a while. That time has allowed them gather the knowledge and experience you are looking to tap into. It’s important to note that you could also tap into knowledge from a previous office or role they held and not the one they’re currently recognised for. Research the mentors , you’ll be surprised what ladders they’ve climbed to get to the top of their game. 


Meet with all the mentors  :

Not every mentor is going to be relevant in your field , but there are still questions that they may Provide a unique perspective on. You never know, it might be answer that helps you develop a niche in the market. Remember , there’s value in the perspective of an outsider looking in.

Balance the asking with the listening:

You’ll be sharing the mentor’s time with other attendees. You’ll have alot of question if you’ve done your homework, but it’s important to give the other attendees an opportunity to ask their questions as well. Listen to their questions and the answers given by the mentors. They could give you ideas that you may not have come up with through your conversation. 

Overall, LEVEL UP! won’t serve as the answer to all your career and business challenges, but it will help set you in the right direction. If you use the tips above you’ll definitely kick 2020 off with a bang. 

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Words by Deji Haastrup