LEVEL UP! 5: A Year-end Affair

Another year another Level Up! It was a truly magical experience to see our community members and mentors come together on the 12th of December for our flagship speed mentoring event. Level Up! was designed to give our burgeoning community an opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge form industry veterans that would regularly find it hard to take on mentees due to their busy schedules.

We’re glad to see that in it’s second year its still as relevant as the first edition. Let’s take you through a bit of what happened in the 5th edition of LEVEL UP!. 

The fifth edition marked a change in the format. After spending a whole year tweaking and reworking the event we sought to target a more intimate setup which we felt would benefit community members when asking questions. From a change of venue to a lower capacity we pulled out all the stops to ensure that all participants had a qualitative experience by the time they left.

As far as a qualitative experience we have to say a big thank you to our amazing mentors for coming through on the day. To get such experienced and innovative individuals in the same room is not an easy feat, but they were gracious enough to give us some of their time on the evening. 

On the night we had Ituen Bassey, Creative Director and Founder of the Ituen Basi fashion label , David Eweje , Founder of the menswear label David Wej. Ezegozie Eze, General Manager, Universal Music Group Nigeria and the founder of the Queen of Africa Project, Taofick Okoya. 

The goal for the Assembly this time around was pushing our attendees in the direction of thinking outside the box. It’s no news that a greater percentage of our community members are fashion designers and predominantly female. It was important for us that at the end of the year we provided a platform through LEVEL UP! where these section of creatives and their counterparts would come face to face with industry individuals who would be coming from a different area. While asking questions on how to best run their businesses or climb the career ladder we also wanted them to ask how to leverage the lessons of a Music Executive in the space of fashion or how to build a sustainable and unique styling brand from doll entrepreneur. 

To wrap things up we introduced a new method of taking participant feedback via a QR code which should help with integrating information into our future events and programmes. 

What a great way to wrap up 2019 and prep for 2020. Honestly, if you weren’t there you missed out on a rare opportunity to network with likeminded creatives and entrepreneurs , as well as a chance to take in some suggestions   before aligning yourself for the new year. 

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