Get Mentored by

Pioneers, Leaders, Innovators

Professionals and Peers

in the Fashion + Creative Industry


Most of us along the way had someone that gave us a helping hand with our career or business journeys. It helps to know that you have someone to ask those awkward questions and navigate the sometimes not so friendly fashion waters. Being able to call on someone who has significant experience and industry knowledge can make a huge difference to one’s career and business goals.

You have a challenge, you need advice, we have mentors!

Our scheme aims to build one-on-one relationships that help fashion and creative entrepreneurs and professionals find success, increase career satisfaction and navigate the unique challenges of Africa’s fashion and creative landscape.

Our mentors are individuals with deep industry, investment or entrepreneurship experience and connections. Matches can be made between junior and senior level professionals or between peers, such as two entrepreneurs.

The scheme requires a minimum of a six-month commitment but will continuously undergo review and development with plans to incorporate the scheme within the Assembly wider membership programs and services.


For anyone currently working or running a business in the fashion/creative sector even if you’re just starting out, you can apply to be matched with one of The Assembly mentors. You just need to be hungry, ready to be challenged and ready to do!


The Assembly is a fashion innovation hub for emerging talent, students, entrepreneurs, professionals and independent businesses in the fashion and creative sector. We provide physical and virtual (URL + IRL) fashion/creative business education and training, access to mentoring and support to emerging talent and startups. It’s our vision to be at the forefront of innovation and disruption of the conventional and be part of an eco-system that matches local talent for global success.

Our mission is to provide people, knowledge and tools that enable creatives setup and grow sustainable businesses out of their ideas and passions. We also want to foster entrepreneurs and companies that innovate the face of fashion in a hostile and rapidly changing marketplace using collaborative methods as a key driver.