Listen to these Podcasts To Take Your Creative Business to the Next Level!

If getting lost in books isn’t for you, you should definitely listen to podcasts! Podcasts are a great alternative to reading and non-intrusive. There’s a podcast about everything! From baking to business to fashion, you will find a podcast concerning your topic of interest. What’s more, podcasts are here to stay. They’re great for the ever-busy entrepreneur, the burdened student, the book averse business newbie, listening to podcasts are perfect fit for any lifestyle

At the Assembly, we are concerned with providing insight into the world of fashion and business. We know that sorting through all the podcasts available is no walk in the park. That’s why we have put together a list (including some of Pepper’s faves) of great podcasts for fashion and creative entrepreneurs. We’ve also thrown in a few for founders and start-ups in general. Below are a few we think you should know about:

 Girl Boss Radio

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This podcast offers candid conversations with heroines of our time. Women who are crushing it in various creative fields, from retail founders to media moguls and CEOs. GirlBoss allows listeners to extract solid creative, cultural and business ventures advices from these guests. Its host and Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amoruso, has interviewed women from Emily Weiss (founder of IntoTheGloss and Glossier,)  Amel Monsur (Executive Creative Director of VICE Media) and Christene Barberich (Global Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder, Refinery29) among many others.


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Ever wanted to find enter the mind of a successful startup player? Now you can with the Ventured podcast. This podcast is full of so much thought leadership gems covering Startups, founders and capital. There is always an impressive line up of Silicon Valley influencers and it gives tons of insight into early stage fundraising.

How to Start a Start-Up?

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It’s said that anything Stanford touches turns to gold. It most definitely wouldn’t hurt to listen to a podcast coming straight from the stables of an Ivy League University. This lecture podcast series brings the biggest names in Silicon Valley to the comfort of your home, car, or evening run. These Silicon Valley rockstars take on various interesting and topics in tech and startup. We know you wouldn’t  want to pass up on that!


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One of our personal faves, SHOWStudio, offers in-depth interviews with fashion royalty like Suzie Menkes and Mrs. B. It also features everyone from magazine editors, key stylists to established and young designers to download. Each podcast also comes with a live video to go alongside the interviews so you can watch too.

The Twenty Minute VC

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If you ever wanted to get into the mind of an investor, this podcast is the one!  The show takes you inside the world of VentureCapital, startup funding and pitching. Follow its host, Harry Stebbings, and  you’ll discover how you can attain funding for your business by listening to today’s prominent investors.

Monocycle with Leandra Medine

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Now, if you want to chill out a little bit. We’ve got just the podcast for you! The Man Repeller, a popular fashion website, has this really cool light-hearted podcast to download that covers subjects from the Man Repeller online editorial process to dealing with burnout and many other topics. We love this podcast for its length. Or lack of it. It typically runs for just ten minutes with a nice dose of humor!

Build My Online Store

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Do you have an online store? Are you looking to enter into the world of e-commerce? Then this is a good podcast from two entrepreneurs Terry Lin and Travis Marziani who talk about the latest in e-commerce and online marketing. They are quite candid on their success and failures, which is always handy.

The Needle & Mouse

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This podcast comes from journalist Lauren Sherman who currently writes for the Business of Fashion and her husband Dan, who is editor in chief of Recode, each offer interesting dialogue on all things fashion related and provide a tech perspective on current events.

The Glossy

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We guarantee that you don’t want to miss this podcast. It discusses key talking points around the fashion and luxury industry as well the impact that technology has on fashion. Lastly, it talks about the key players in the tech/fashion crossover field. We cannot deny that fashion is changing at such a rapid pace because of technology! With this podcast, we guarantee that you’ll never be left behind!

The Business Of Fashion

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The Business of Fashion has solidified its reputation as a guide into the world of fashion. Expect nothing less from its namesake podcast. This podcast tackles such of fashion’s trends and outlooks. It regularly features some of fashion’s biggest names such as supermodel, Halima Aden and Carine Rothfeld, Editor-In-Chief of CR Fashion Book. If you live, breathe and dream fashion, don’t sleep on this podcast!

The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes

Credit: Kristin Uroda for NPR

You can call this NPR podcast “the woke fashion podcast”. it tackles deeper issues that many other fashion podcasts. Made in an episode format, the Secret Emotional Life of Clothes discusses how people emotionally connect to clothes and how we feel we when we wear certain items. This podcast doesn’t shy away from how fashion is interwoven with some of society’s biggest issues. A key subject was about hooded tops and race, and how people reaction to what we wear in a highly emotional way.


The Social Pros Podcast

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Looking to brush up your social media skills? Jay Baer of Convince & Convert and Adam Brown of Salesforce co-host this podcast about how to market your business on social media. Each week, they interview a leading social media strategist from a prominent company (think Dell, IBM and ESPN) to pick their brain and discuss the latest trends in social media marketing

The Vogue Podcast

Photographed by Maciek Kobielski/Vogue

What do you get when you put place one of fashion’s most iconic individuals and give him a podcast sponsored by one of the biggest names in fashion? A classy yet edgy podcast. That is what the Vogue Podcast is! Hosted by Andre Leon Talley, the Vogue Podcast speaks about fashion and pop culture. What’s fashion without pop culture for inspiration. Its inaugural episode featured Vogue’s Anna Wintour and the podcast has not dropped the ball ever since its debut in 2015.

Innovators by TheCurrentThe Assembly Hub_Podcasts

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If there was a word to describe the Current Innovators podcast, it would be fearless. This podcast tackles issues that many are afraid to approach as fashion entrepreneurs. Unafraid to break down the value or non-value of CGI models and conduct straight cut, non sugarcoated interviews from with notable designers, the Current Innovators highlights the fact that today’s  creative entrepreneurs must truly put his or her head in the game to survive. This podcast isn’t here to baby you, it serves the cold truth.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

The Assembly Hub_Podcasts

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The Assembly Podcasts

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Founded  by Ade Bamgbala, this podcasts is a breath of fresh air as it focuses on positive stories from Black* communities. With great humour from the show host, the podcast features young UK Black professionals that shed strong light on what they do so you can do it too. Blacticulate also features a nice interview with our founder Pepper Chikezie which you can listen to here.

Boss Files with Poppy Harlow

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Boss Files with CNN’s Poppy Harlow is a great listen, Poppy Harlow goes beyond the headlines, and the talking points, in conversations with the biggest names in business.

Schick Magazine

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Schick Magazine’s podcast interviews the biggest names in African and Nigerian fashion and entertainment from Ozinna of the Style Concierge, South Africa’s media sweetheart, Bonang Matheba to Angola’s very own Victoria Secret angel, Maria Borges.

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Featured Image by Ojima Abalaka

Have you come across other great podcasts?

Words by Aanu Ayoleke and Pepper Chikezie