Prep & Prosper: How To Ace The Application Process

Hey you. Yes, you, filling out job application after application. Maybe you’re the seasoned job seeker, or looking for a better career opportunity. Job applications can be nerve-wrecking and can definitely deal a blow to your self esteem. But do not worry, we’re here for you. Here are some tips to breeze through the job application process

Dust Off That Old CV


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Update your CV to fit every position you apply for. Tailor your cover letter to the job application. Make sure you do not undermine your previous experience. If you have ever volunteered for an non-profit or a non-governmental organization and that experience taught you about leadership, find a way to add a shameless plug. Don’t forget about extracurricular activities. This makes you seem like a well-rounded individual. It is best to tie in your experiences to soft skills. For example, studying abroad and working with children could be linked to excellent communication skills. Give your CV a complete makeover. Remember when you learned how to draft a CV using a blank Microsoft document? Yeah, that won’t cut it anymore. Your CV is a brief advertisement of your professional achievements. We can give your CV that much needed check up at our CV clinic. There are resources for you to help you find the resume of your dreams like Etsy, Job Nexus, and much more.


Let Me Upgrade You


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It is easy to undermine your achievements. However, if you don’t toot your horn, who will? Do you have any online experience? Perhaps you were the administrator of a college Facebook group? Did you start a website on your own? What’s your experience with WordPress, content management systems, etc? Make sure you put it on your CV. Learn new skills that pertain to your profession. The key to staying employable is to keep improving yourself professionally. That also applies to your personal life as well. There are many online resources to check out for free or discounted courses. A few of our personal favourites are Alison, Udemy and Creative Live

Write A List. Make It Plain.


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Make a list of a few companies you want to work for. This will keep you organised during the application process. Next, you’ll find their contact information and send an email application. This method can be very effective. A wise man once said you only miss 100% of the shots you do not take. Even if you do not get the job, at least you won’t be left wondering “what if”. However, if you do, you’ll be glad you did something so unconventional.


Don’t Give Up Too Easily


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It is possible to be left hanging by the jobs you apply to. Don’t let that depress you. If this happens to you, simply shoot them an email. In this email, make sure you remind them who you are. You can attach your CV just to jog their memory. If they’ve filled the previously vacant position, they’ll let you know. Running a firm is really hard work so it is possible they forgot to reach out to all their applicants. What’s more, that message may make them consider you for another position. A complimentary position. 

Let’s face it, applying for jobs can be tedious and ever depressing. But don’t let the process get the best of you. Don’t forget to sign up for Careers & CV Clinic. 

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Words by Aanu Ayoleke