We seek a genuine sense of togetherness and connectedness, where people easily trust one another. We want to provide spaces and opportunities for people to be vulnerable with their plans and ideas. We want everyone to feel a strong sense of support and a desire to share freely.

The Assembly Hub Residency


The Assembly Hub Residency in partnership withWhitespace/SO.NNE supports the work of visual and design creators. Residents receive access to exhibition space and accommodation along with the best creative tools and resources and guidance from advisors. In return, residents proactively pursue their own personal creative projects while sharing their processes, insights and inspirations with the community along the way.



A resident has access to 25sqm living space and an 80sqm exhibition space at in Southwest Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

There is a big communal project space in the building for the artists to use whether that be for installations, larger more ambitious works or simply to photograph their pieces.


Our Art and Design Residency supports experimental designers and artists working within visual arts and fashion and their journey through collaborative and multidisciplinary projects. 

Our residencies provide an opportunity for the practitioner to create new connections with local designers, curators, researchers and design experts.

As a creative hub, our aim is to set up local talent for global success, through resources , network, connections and infrastructure. It is our mission to provide exposure, support and development opportunities to the most talented visual and design creatives, but also unitise their skills to provide innovative solution to visual communication projects. 



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