Prep & Prosper: Things you need to Consider when applying for a Job

Applying for jobs could be a very stressful process especially if all your efforts to land your dream job have been futile.We would like to share some steps to consider when applying for jobs that pique your interest. 


Re-read The Job Posting Multiple Times

After reading the vacancy post a few times before you start working on your application, read it again to be fully aware of the job requirement in terms of documents and requirements needed for the application.

Research The Company

Once you have read through the job post, do some research on the company. You should also take a look at their social media channels, and read about their company news. This will give you a better idea of what the company does and how you can best sell your expertise and skills for the role. Researching the company also helps you come up with questions to ask the interviewer, which shows that you are interested in the company.  

Imagine yourself as a member of the Team

A Careers Prep & Prosper Tips for applying for a job

Before you go through all the trouble of applying for a job, make sure it’s something you really, truly want.

Ask yourself:

  1. What is the commute like?
  2. Is this a company I admire or would be proud to be part of?
  3. How can this job take me closer to my career goals?
  4. Would I fit into the company culture?

Update Your Resume/CV

After gathering information from your research and networking, write a resume that’s tailored to the position (remember to keep it 100% on your CV and not copy and paste the job description in it, lying on your CV will not end well) The CV should simply express your experience (this should be listed first), qualification and competencies on your behalf. 

Your Resume/CV is your first point of contact between yourself and the employer, and it also determines if the employer would be willing to book a session with you or not. A killer CV is all about proper presentation and your ability to sell yourself on paper, it doesn’t need to have all the colours on the rainbow but it should do a good job in capturing your professional capacity.

Your Email Must Have A Subject

If you are asked to send a Job application via email, never send it without a Subject! When an application is sent without a Subject there is an 80% chance it goes to the recruiter’s Spam or goes unnoticed.

The job post might instruct you to use a subject, stick with this instruction as it would make the employers know what you are applying for at first glance of the email. 

Some employers would however require you to fill out a form instead of sending an email, make sure you provide accurate information and fill the form meticulously.  

Submit all files exactly as requested

Read the application instructions very carefully. If the application asks for a resume in PDF format, do not send it in a word document. If it asks for a cover letter, don’t just send a resume. Read every last detail and follow instructions closely. Don’t get rejected immediately after hitting submit because you didn’t follow directions.

Audit your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is like your second resume. And it’s not limited by space, so prospective employers will usually read through your  LinkedIn profile after they have read your resume if there is a fit or interest. So, update your experience, professional qualifications, certifications, and any other related pieces. Add an image that can show those certifications or awards, so any documentation of success will stand out.

You are doing great!

If you have reached this point in this article, it simply shows how much you’re willing to better yourself and up your chances of landing that dream job. We’re rooting for you!

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