We’re hosting a talk at the LFDW17 FBS Stage

As the saying goes no man is an island and collaboration is key to success. What does this really mean in the fashion industry, particularly Africa’s fashion industry?

The Assembly Fashion Business Series

The Fashion Industry is one of the most collaborative industries, yet collaboration is something we still have to continuously encourage and push for if we want our industry to flourish and be a formidable force on the global stage.

This year we’re super excited to be at the Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week to host a talk “The Spirit of Collaboration” on The Fashion Business Series Stage.

At The Assembly we believe we are always better together and so purposefully create spaces and expereinces where you can think, act, innovate and be open to working with each other.

What does collaboration look like in the fashion and creative sector?

Why is it important to foster a spirit of collaboration?

How can we encourage the spirit of collaboration?

We will attempt to answer these questions and uncover the Spirit of Collaboration at our talk on the FBS stage.

See you there!

Attendence is FREE but registration is mandatory please register here and visit www.lagosfashionanddesignweek.com