Meet The Creative Class 2.0 Finalists

200,64, 10 and 4. You’ll do right to remember those numbers. These are the numbers that matter most when highlighting the achievements of this years Creative Class Programme Demo Day finalists.

On the final day of the Creative Class Programme the top 10 performing entrepreneurs were selected for the DEMO DAY event. Here they were tasked with pitching their business models and value propositions to 4 judges. Each pitch was different from the last, with each entrepreneur communicating what makes their business’s strong and unique enough to thrive in the market. After each pitch our judges were able to pass on words of advice to each participant,highlighting what looked to be their weakest points and ways to enrich their value propositions. After short deliberation the final 4 where announced.

Meet the final 4 that attended the Creative Class Programme, took what was taught to them, and within 3 weeks incorporated these changes within their business models , as they start a journey to leveling up their enterprise.

Henry Uduku, Creative Director, Henri Uduku:

Henry presents a premium Androgynous Menswear label offering both ready-to-wear and made-to-measure options for our customers.
During the Programme Henry’s primary goal reflected around setting his brand apart from the higher end and somewhat level competition springing up in the Nigerian fashion market.
As he moves forth with his brand we can look forward to him carving a niche in the industry with his brand and fortifying his production methods to reach his clientele efficiently.


Dunni Ajifolawe, Founder, Doonie the Brand

Harnessing what she’s learnt from the CEP programme , as well as her time at the Creative Class, Dunni continues to tweak her female clothing and accessories brand to better serve her market. Although Doonie the brand currently specialises in bespoke female clothing and handcrafted luxury leather goods, she’s aware that competition in that sector is rife. We’ll definitely be seeing her capitalise on all the knowledge passed as she slowly transforms the brand into a powerhouse that women all over Nigeria will desire to be associated with. 

Aderonke Bodunde, Founder, Mobile Tailoring 

Tailoring is a service not especially valued in the the Nigerian garment industry, however Aderonke has sought to provide a service that is less about the act and more about the convenience. Crafting a tailoring brand focused on delivering on the age old human desire for speed and convenience, Mobile tailoring is looking to transform this heavily undervalued service into something else in the 21st century.

Osiremiza Oyofo, Founder, Hair Envy

Osiremiza or Xaxa, as she prefers to be called has reversed engineered the approach to tackling the hair and hair care industry in Nigeria. When her competition may be looking to provide products and services to a specific audience in the market, she’s channelling her research to plug herself in the most economically viable niche within.Hair Envy looks to provide solutions to critical issues facing the hair market today through the administration of customer-centric luxury services and Raw hair products.

Over 200 entrepreneurs applied for the Creative Class, 64 took part in the programme, 10 where chosen for the Demo Day Finale, 4 won the grand prize. Remember these numbers?

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our partners Cafe One, Sterling Bank Plc., The British Council, our amazing MC Ms.Tolu Doherty , our amazing judges and ofcourse the hardworking team at The Assembly Hub for making this programme and DEMO DAY so successful.

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Words by Deji Haastrup II

Images by Olumide Onafuwa