Design & Production Assistant – Peridot

Jan 12, 2021

Full time

The Design and Production Assistant is responsible for planning production schedules and ensuring that the production process is carried out within budget and on time. As a fashion design assistant, part of your role will be to research current fashion trends, forecasting what will be popular with consumers, and take inspiration from the world around you to create fresh and original designs with the head designer. You’ll aide in deciding on fabrics, colours and patterns, produce sample designs and adjust them until the head designer is happy with the final product. Depending on your level of responsibility, you may work to your own brief or be given a brief to work towards.

      Duties and responsibilities

  • Daily supervise Store Operations
  • Send inventory to Stockists monthly and weekly. 
  • Daily purchase production supplies
  • Daily supervise the pattern samples made
  • Daily quality control of in-process and finished garments.
  • Daily supervise tailor logbook
  • Create a weekly task list for tailors
  • Daily manage production time and plan production tasks ahead
  • Collate weekly payments for tailors
  • Daily sketch designs in sketchbook
  • Weekly keep an inventory of suppliers and reorder stock when low
  • Monthly create a schedule for workshop maintenance
  • Weekly source fabrics for Ready-to-Wear and bridal clothing
  • Daily supervise the maintenance and cleanliness of the workshop and living quarters of staff.
  • Daily monitor non-compliance and report to the Operations Manager.
  • Daily responsible for bridal/bridesmaid fittings
  • Daily responsible for alterations on clothing. 
  • Daily scheduling of tasks for tailors.
  • Weekly responsible for the pricing of garments
  • Weekly responsible for naming dresses
  • Weekly and quarterly maintain inventory by implementing purchase plans with all stockists. 
  • Create or visualize an idea and produce a design by hand or using computer-aided design (CAD)
  • create mood-boards to show to clients
  • Keep up to date with emerging fashion trends as well as general trends relating to fabrics, colours and shapes
  • Plan and develop ranges, often based on a theme
  • Work with others in the design team, such as buyers and forecasters, to develop products to meet a brief
  • Liaise closely with sales, buying and production teams on an ongoing basis to ensure items suit the customer, market and price points
  • Understand design from a technical perspective, i.e. producing patterns and technical specifications for designs


  • Daily assist in stock counting
  • Daily carry out quality control checks on newly ordered stock
  • Daily manage inventory and procurement from vendors
  • Quarterly decide items to be marked down
  • Name dresses and set price of garments as scheduled. 
  • Daily supervise the production of low in-stock inventory
  • Daily responsible for managing supplies (storage)
  • Daily responsible for supply vendors
  • Daily ensure that there are cleaning supplies. 
  • Daily reorder stock when low. 
  • Daily check inventory and maintain the optimal reorder level.
  • Daily work with the Creative Director to merchandise products.
  • Weekly and quarterly maintain inventory by implementing purchase plans with all stockists.


  • Daily assign deliveries to the logistics team
  • Daily ensure that all orders are delivered on a timely basis


  • 1 – 3 yearsexperience in the fashion or design industry
  • Minimum of BSc/BA

Skills and Abilities

  • Highly analytical, driven and focused. 
  • High level of professionalism;
  • Networking, prospecting and persuasion skills with the ability to identify the needs and challenges of clients. 
  • Must have knowledge of business process and functions (Finance, HR, procurement, operations etc.)
  • Must have outstanding organizational and proactive skills
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Good written and verbal communication skills

Direct reports

Reports to the Creative Director

Work Hours: 8.30 am 7 pm MondayFriday

                     9 am – 6 pm Saturdays

Salary: For the probationary period of 3 months, the remuneration will be N45,000 but upon confirmation, it will be reviewed upwards to N55,000

Confirmation Benefits:13th-month salary

How to Apply:

Send your application to with the subject “Design and Production Assistant” with your CV attached.

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