Fashion Creative Assistant – Flat17 Studio

Sep 16, 2021


The creative assistant would be reporting to the Creative Director. They would be required to fulfil this role from Monday to  Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm (Monday being a half-day); 


  • They shall be responsible for the handling of online and physical fashion/style consultation with clients.
  • They shall be responsible for the handling of Clients fitting and seeing to it that Clients get what they order on time and in good condition. III.
  • They shall be in charge of managing social media platforms for Flat17Studio
  • They shall be in charge of Administrative duties in the company
  • They shall be responsible for the handling of Financial records for Flat17Studio and also submission of monthly financial reports.
  • They shall be in charge of customer service, relationships and communication via emails, Instagram DMs and WhatsApp.
  • They shall be in charge of the production manager and procurement manager.
  • They will need to communicate with the production manager and do whatever it takes to ensure that orders are sent out in time and made to maximum satisfaction.
  • They will also need to be in communication with the procurement manager to ensure that correct materials are sourced as required to deliver clients orders to maximum satisfaction.
  • They shall Supervise superintendents to perform duties and also lead all departments to fulfil tasks.
  • They shall be required to come up with strategies for the growth of the  brand and also deliver on tasks as assigned by their supervisors
  • They shall be in charge of the store and ensure that operations are going on smoothly.
  • The in-house tailor and shop assistant shall report to them.


  • Must have good communication skills
  • Must have more than 2 years experience working in Fashion
  • Must work well with team members and be  capable of leadership
  • Must be creative and be able to create unique, breath-taking styles for clients
  • Must be able to consult and advise clients on design during virtual/physical consultations.
  • Must have good knowledge of fabrics
  • Must be able to handle fittings with clients effectively

Work Hours: Monday  – Saturday, 9 am-5 pm (Mondays are half days) 


Send your application with CV to with the subject “Fashion Creative Assistant – Flat17Studio”

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