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TailorScape is looking to hire a skilled Pattern Maker to help our clients with all pre-production activities in line with the company’s production flow. The Pattern Maker will be required to study blueprints and design models, create paper templates, and design the final pattern for mass production.

To ensure success as a Pattern Maker, we require extensive experience in pattern design and a good eye for detail.


  • Compute dimensions of patterns according to sizes.
  • Create a master pattern for each size within a range of garment sizes, using charts, and drafting instruments.
  • Create a paper pattern from which to mass-produce a design concept.
  • Determine the best layout of pattern pieces to minimize waste of material, and mark fabric accordingly.
  • Discuss design specifications with designers and convert their original models of garments into patterns of separate parts.
  • Draw outlines of pattern parts by adapting or copying existing patterns, or by drafting new patterns.
  • Examine sketches, sample articles, and design specifications to determine quantities, shapes, and sizes of pattern parts, and to determine the amount of material or fabric required to make a product.
  • Mark samples and finished patterns with information such as garment size, section, style, identification, and sewing instructions.
  • Providing guidance where needed by tailors on use of patterns during actual production.
  • Reporting back to Production Manager or company management.


  • Must have advanced knowledge of Pattern Making
  • Minimum of 3years experience in the fashion industry.
  • Residence on the island is preferable.

SALARY: N100,000 – N150,000

How to Apply:
Send us an email with your qualifications, CV and with a suitable Subject to work@theassemblyhub.com

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Skills Required

• Be creative, curious, innovative and highly organised; • Demonstrate problem solving skills • Be detail oriented •