Social Media & Brand Communications Strategist -Lohn Lagos

Apr 21, 2021


Lohn Lagos is looking to hire an experienced in-house social media manager / Brand Communications who would generally be responsible for continually enhancing the brand image; increasing brand awareness, and providing after-sales support through advertisements, media, point-of-sale, partnerships, and relationship marketing.

The social media manager/ Brand communications strategist is also responsible for developing a strong brand name and image while also planning and managing our social media platforms.

Duties and responsibilities 

  1. Develop the brand story and plan short and long term strategies that will drive the brand. These will include competitor analysis, customer feedback analysis, media reporting, distributor relationships, logistics and more.
  2. To be in charge of providing strategic input and direction for the brand, developing style guides, templates, and other materials, developing non-campaign brands while keeping the company’s vision, mission, and objectives in mind; and advising internal and external stakeholders on issues relevant to the brand.
  3. Research new products to expand the brand’s range. This involves an in-depth look at the existing products and noting where there is a void that needs to be filled.
  4. Lead ideation and concepts that execute the brand’s vision for its target audience. This will include amplifying branded content and campaigns across digital networks, through partnerships with more established brands worldwide.
  5. The brand communications manager acts as the brand’s spokesperson with media relations, conducting briefings and press conferences.
  6. He/she formulates and implements public relations strategies, selects and manages communications with external agencies, as well as develops media marketing strategies and other non-campaign activities.
  7. Design and oversee all aspects of our digital marketing department including our marketing database, email, and display advertising campaigns.
  8. Develop and monitor campaign budgets. Plan and manage our social media platforms.
  9. Prepare accurate reports on our marketing campaign’s overall performance.
  10. To drive engagement through the brand’s social channels and increase the brand’s reach. Coordinate with advertising and media experts to improve marketing results.
  11. Identify the latest trends and technologies affecting our industry.
  12. Evaluate important metrics that affect our website traffic, service quotas, and target audience.
  13. Work with your team to brainstorm new and innovative growth strategies.
  14. Oversee and manage all contests, giveaways, and other digital projects.
  15. Experiment with a variety of organic and paid acquisition channels like content creation, content curating, pay per click campaigns, event management, publicity, social media, lead generation campaigns, copywriting, performance analysis

Skills and Abilities

  1. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  2. Knowledgeable in marketing and public relations.
  3. Must be highly motivated, well organized, detail-oriented, creative and innovative, an and possess good time management skills.
  4. Must be a team player
  5. Must be Results-driven
  6. Must be able to multi-task, do market research and analyze results effectively, prioritize and influence stakeholders; understand the target market and its dynamics.


  1. Minimum 2 years experience working in digital marketing or communications.
  2. Creative approach to developing, implementing and evaluating digital media activities.
  3. Excellent written English skills adaptable to different styles and tones of voice.
  4. Experience in publishing using a Content Management System (CMS).
  5. Multimedia production skills.
  6. Analytic skills and experience writing and presenting reports.
  7. Understanding of digital marketing and SEO best practice.
  8. Proven experience in social media management for luxury brands.


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