We are tired of Fashion – Lagos Fashion Week Intern Diary

Day 1- To-do lists and you should go for more exhibitions.  The day started off on a pretty decent note. I got acquainted with Grace – my intern partner – at the stairs because we both got to work an hour early. The first day is always Exciting! We shared stories and found out that we had most things in common.

When I entered the studio it was totally mind-blowing! But the best part was the inner rooms. The interiors of the red room, green room, and blue corridor are very on-brand. The furniture was cozy and all the rooms had different vibes but a central theme. There were masks, beach chairs, even sand on the floor, and really scary figurines! 

When Bubu Ogisi, the Creative Director arrived we were welcomed with a sweet smile and lovely atmosphere. She asked us to look around and showed us how to package an outfit. I volunteered to be hands-on and run some errands with Bubu while Grace volunteered to do admin jobs. 

On my trip with Bubu, I dropped off some packages and invites for celebrities and we visited the florist. We went for an exhibition later in the day for design week which was graceful as art should be presented. And Bubu said that it was a way to get inspired and we should go for more exhibitions ourselves. After that, Grace and I had the day to ourselves to enjoy the sunset and view of the studio where we also found out how gorgeous the green room lights look when they are turned on in the dark. 

Day 2- Independence house and models. 

At the studio, I welcomed the models coming for fittings and shortly after I went to get some things printed. 

I printed numbers, pictures of what the models were to wear and some outfits got re-styled. I met Etchell who was a designer and she came from Ghana for her first exhibition in Lagos. She was super sweet and is very nice to work with. 

Bubu handmade a blue wig for the dancer to wear and I helped find someone to get it done better just because it was literally going to be used for the fashion show the next day! 

Day 2 was a bit more exciting because I got to see and arrange the outfits for the models and how they were going to be styled and I got to visit the setup location as well which was to my surprise, not what I expected at all. Bubu is really all about art and she gives you the expression of her imagination which is amazing. 

Day 3- We are tired of Fashion 

Flowers check, outfits check, models check, let’s walk! 

The day started off with plants arranged from the previous day for the stage, the models arriving, the violinist playing for the show, the dancer opening the show, drinks for the bar, and everyone at the studio getting started on completing the setup. 

We rehearsed the walk-in for the models who had to give off the expression of being tired of fashion which meant to change positions of being relaxed but tired. I was to give the models the queue for when to come out and also helped with hanging up the posters just before the guests started arriving. We started getting the models dressed an hour earlier and photographers came backstage to get pictures of the models in their designs. 

Etchell was the last person to get dressed and she was in one of the designs as well as Bubu herself. Sweets were offered to the guests who were so well dressed, drinks were being shared at the bar in a cooler and the atmosphere was filled with love and support.

At the end of the show, we got the models to change out of the designs when Ngozika from The Assembly team stopped by backstage and the clothes were being arranged to be sent back to the studio. Grace and I managed to get the dressing area cleaned and took a break after Bubu and Etchell had left. 

To say the least, the event was a success and it being my first experience of a fashion show, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Diary: Anjola

Images: The Assembly


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